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Pictures of Saturn · The Structure of Saturn The Ring-Moon Systems Node of NASA's Planetary Data System is devoted to archiving, cataloging, and distributing scientific data sets relevant to

planetary rings and moons, and the ways they interact. Making Saturn’s Rings 1To draw your model’s rings with the same proportions as Saturn’s actual rings, you must scale down the size of the rings from kilometers to centimeters. Your teacher will either ask As you can see from this diagram, you must draw five … As Saturn tore this hypothetical moon apart, rubble from the moon's core could have stayed lodged in the thick swath of the C-ring while the icy, watery mantle formed the bright A and B rings. GETTING TO KNOW SATURN The Saturn

System Students learn the concept of a system and apply it to learning about the Saturn sys-tem. They work with a ready-made scale diagram of the Saturn system, including the planet, rings, and moons. The lesson prepares students to complete a Venn diagram that compares and contrasts the Saturn and Earth–Moon Global ViewsRing DetailsDiagramsMoons1. Backlit Saturn 2. with Aurora 3. In ultraviolet light 4. Montage of Saturn and several of its satellites, Dione, Tethys, Mimas, Enceladus, Rhea, and Titan. 5. Saturn, taken by Voyager 2 6. Saturn, taken by Voyager 1 7. Saturn, taken by the Cassini probe on March 27, 2004 8. Saturn Hi-Res from Cassini, taken October 6, 2004 9. Saturn, taken by the Hubble Telescope 10. Saturn in Celestia

11. Saturn and its Rings 12. Saturn's rings in ultra-violet light, taken by Cassini probe 13. Amateur asSee more on The rings show intricate structure; some of this structure is from the gravitational effect of shepherding moons, but much about these rings is unknown. Saturn's bright rings are made of ice chunks and rocks that range in size from the size of a fingernail to the size of a car. Justification:Although the rings of Saturn look like one or two large single sheets from a small telescope, spacecraft observations have revealed that the rings are in fact made of thousands of tiny particles. Orbital period: 29.4571 yr, 10,759.22 d, 24,491.07 Saturnian solar daysAverage orbital speed: 9.68 km/s (6.01 mi/s)Surface gravity: 10.44 m/s² (34.3 ft/s²), 1.065 gSidereal rotation period: 10ʰ 33ᵐ 38ˢ ⁺ ¹ᵐ ⁵²ˢ, − 1ᵐ 19ˢ 

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